My covid experience


Pc: getty images

I know you have probably heard enough of it.You can no longer stand kagwe’s automated speech, journalists highlighting the plight of those affected by this pandemic…lack of stadiums with actual fans, KOT waiting to prey on the next ‘scandal’ and do not even get me started on Edgar Obares and X-tian Delas of this world. But there is more to covid than what the media keeps shoving down our throats. To me, there is a bigger picture, I call it a blessing in disguise.

On life, today a kid with downsyndrome waved at me, me! amongst a crowd he chose me ,and just that, a wave and a smile turned my whole day around. The fact that a single person’s smile can make my day is change in itself. A few months ago I could not bat an eyelid at a kid, leave a lone a differently…

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