Beyhive shenanigans.


Pc: instagram

You’re mad, she’s mad, he’s mad (insert tekashi 69’s GOOBA voice) heck everyone is mad. The reason you ask, Beyonce released a film, an African inspired film called black is king and it has not settled well with most of you. I read somewhere that when a person is hurt you have no right to tell them how much they should hurt, point is you hurt them and that’s on menstrual cycle! because we don’t use periodt! here lest we are called angry and black.But this time hurt or not, we need to talk.

For the longest time I was not part of the beyhive but now I am, so feel free to think this piece is biased. I preffered badgilriri to her because truth be told you she is more ‘African’ and also sings like a nightingle but that’s besides my point. She is also called queen…

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