For the sake of capitalism

Muthoni Njue

Starring the Bible, entrepreneurship, Post-scriptum and I

P.S about P.S : Expect a lot of unnecessary Postscript.

Other P.S about P.S: Yes it is postscript but the origin word is Latin; Post-scriptum and it sounded fancy.

P.S before the script: Before we go much further I’d like us to all remember all through this narration that even giants fall sometimes.

Image credits: Pinterest
Edits: Moi

Would I do anything for money? Depends on how dire the situation is. But then again, it is capitalism. The situation already is dire.

The ghosts under my bed as a kid have become my empty bank account as an adult. I have sat in quarantine and driven myself crazy just thinking each day of this predicament.

I am a very calculated person. I do not make decisions without consideration. A lot of it. All this was true until I was left without a…

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